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Clara Zetkin Straße / Lise Meitner Straße
Ludwigsfelde | 2018
“A green residential district” | First prize in the 10/2015 Ideas Competition
The concept shows a new, green residential district consisting of three multiple dwelling units arranged in casual offsets around a traffic free inner garden, yet with largely closed and clearly defined outer borders. The building structures present an internal windmill arrangement of blocks, integrating well in the adjoining urban buildings, but intended to modify slightly their architecture of open rows, imposing their own identity as a residential space within this microcosm. The heart of this concept is the inner courtyard – a generous open space of high living quality and genuine added value for the residents.
This courtyard extends visually along a landscaped passage through a large opening in the north side to embrace the “woods”, the adjoining park, in the structure of this new district. Each of the building structures presents a deliberately compact design, of maximised depth and minimised number, giving rise to the spacious courtyard and the more than generous separation areas. Furthermore, only three full storeys and a backset top floor were needed to incorporate the development in the surrounding scale. Nevertheless, the desired number of residential dwellings could be fulfilled, presenting a total of 4064 m² that exceeds by far the living area of 3400 m² predicted by the prize.

Client: Ludwigsfelder Wohnungsgenossenschaft
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