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Residential area Hoffmannstieg
Hamburg | 2006
"City repair" | Competition 2004, winner
North of the new construction area, there is a small street for residents only with parking spaces for the row of houses built from the north to the south. The accesses to the northern houses are from the small street via footpaths. The distance to the parking spaces is about 45 m. Thereby, the areas between the rows of houses are car-free and child-friendly and can be designed horticultural. Concept of the building: The form of buildings found in this area is continued with these row of houses construction. There are 2 various types of buildings: relatively narrow 2,5 storey high town houses with a total square meterage of about 100, and 2 storey high maisonette apartments (about 85 sqm), on which little apartments are built. Thereby, all the spacious apartments have an individually-sized garden. The northern rows are structured from the north to the south and the row at the Stapelfelder Strasse is directed from the east to the west whereby the garden is facing the south. The rest of the buildings are protected from the Stapelfelder Strasse through this row and the parking spaces. The town houses have no cellar which has a positive influence on the construction costs. The maisonette houses can be planned with or without a cellar. The displayed version without cellar shows that the storerooms are located in the area of the open penthouse staircases. This creates sight-protected terraces and entrances.

Photos: © Dipl.-Ing. Klemens Ortmeyer

Client: SAGA GWG
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