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Living Office
Düsseldorf | 2009
Living Office in Düsseldorf-Derendorf is well situated between the airport, main train station and the city center. All of these destinations can be reached within 10 minutes. Building area B is planned to be oriented on the industrial architecture of the older building and will be developed and tailored for the user. User-specific design features can be included in its appearance. Building Area B offers:
- attractive architecture with a representative foyer
- access via a glass staircase and elevator
- tailor-made planning according to the user's wishes
- three-winged structure for the best efficient use of space
- large windows, bright spaces, natural ventilation
- supporting ventilation and cooling system
- electrically-powered outside solar protection
- cavity floors for flexible networking

Photos: © Olaf Mahlstedt

Client: CF Living Office Immobilien GmbH
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