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Microapartments Neuer Hühnerposten
Hamburg | 2016
The new 12-storey high-rise with 353 student apartments in the centre of Hamburg is part of a gradually growing ensemble of five acute-angled buildings – an urban development, based on a competition design from 2001 (MEURER Architekten). The entrance hall with a concierge service leads to the common rooms as well as to the 1-2-bed-rooms. In the court yard with a kiosk the students can relax sitting in a little café Two different façade designs structure the buildings outer appearance. Towards the Schulzweg the building is clad with an envelope consisting of bright, large-size fiber cement panels, which are creating a sculptural surface. The two inner façades will have balconies over the full length furnished with white printed glass railings as well as post railings. The railings are connected with each other by means of vertical panels, emphasizing the vivid surface of the building. The base is clad with a darker fiber cement panels, thus producing a smooth contrast to the bright façade colours. Large glass panels towards the court yard underline the café.

Client: Otto Wulff Projektentwicklung GmbH
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