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Westfalenstraße Quarter
Düsseldorf | 2018
"Revived" - Westfalenstraßen Quarter

In the "Westfalenstraßen Quarter" in Dusseldorf several apartment buildings, various commercial units, catering, shopping center, squares with grand staircase facilities and a daycare center will be built on a former commercial space, complemented by a supply structure for the district heating station.
Total arise after the demolition of existing buildings approximately 40,000m² GFA. The new buildings are grouped around the new neighborhood square with mature trees. There also is a new underground car park with about 400 spaces.
In the courtyards there are playground areas, beautifully designed outdoor facilities, common areas, community gardens and terraces which belong to the respective rental units. Emerged is the project of an urban design competition.

Visualization: © npstv

Client: ITB SBW Düsseldorf Rath BV & Co. KG
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