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LP12 Mall of Berlin
Berlin | 2014
Construction of a complex with retail, hotel and residential use and parking, planning association with ABP Pechtold architects Berlin

This address on Leipziger Platz, steeped in tradition, marks the erstwhile location of the famous Wertheim department store and was the subject of a competition from which nps tchoban voss emerged as victor in 2002. The masterplan references the original block perimeter development and lends the plot a single façade, a new network of thoroughfares and concise orientation for the covered piazza - invokes the former Wertheim atrium in light-filled - in the main axis opposite the venerable palace-like Bundesrat. In terms of urban planning and commerce, the shopping centre creates the necessary structural connection between the shopping and entertainment quarter west of Potsdamer Platz and the high-end boutiques along Friedrichstraße. The use of the piazza's western gatehouse as a hotel and a proportional increase in living quarters are stand-out features of the building complex, which brings both a vibrant atmosphere and a mutual enrichment of functions. The facades on Leipziger Straße, Wilhelmstraße and Voßstraße, as well as the piazza, borrow elements from the original Wertheim building and reinterpret them in a contemporary manner.

Client: High Gain House Investments GmbH

LEAF awards 2015 | Shortlist
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