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Business house Langenzipen
St. Petersburg | 2006
Extension of an industrial reinforced concrete frame to a business- and dwelling house

The factory building from 1965 is set amongst the historic Petrograd side. After being totally gutted, the four-storey, steel construction has been converted into a residential and commercial object. While the longer facades are completely glazed the shorter sides are clad in natural stone and only punctuated by window slots. Two extra residential floors have been added to the roof. The application of contemporary technologies, the building reflects the qualities of its surroundings without merely copying. Translucent and backlit panels between the fenestration have been printed with ornamental relief-work images in warm sepia tones, which when arranged with the quieter rustic render and window moulding elements creates an extremely effective composition. Amphoras, columns and garlands in combination with easier rustic render and cornice ribbons create a harmonious composition. The result is a modern building bearing open reference to a bygone yet still present age.

Photos: © Bernhard Kroll, Yuri Molodkovets, Aleksey Naroditsky, Michael Fedorov

Client: OOO Langenzipen & Co

Glass in Architecture Award 2011 | 3. Preis, Bauen im hist. Kontext 
Commercial Real Estate St Petersburg Award 2008 | Best Office Building
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