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Atrium at the Spreepalais
Berlin | 2004
Conversion and redesign of the public access areas

The office and commercial building was erected in 2002 on the bank of the Spree on the site of the former stock exchange according to the plans of the architects Nägele Hoffmann Tiedemann, Stuttgart. The palace-like building combines the typical features of modern Berlin architectural language, as its natural stone façades and the spectacularly curved high-tech section demonstrate. To upgrade the publicly accessible areas, the owner decided to extend the already existing high-quality furnishings. A light art installation and colour-accentuating red seating circles give the atrium a distinctive and individual character. Warm wooden panels and matt, transparent glass plates enter into dialogue with the original design of the building, based on the contrast between natural stone and metal and bring the overall composition into harmonious balance. From the light flooded conservatory you find yourself in an elegant, rather subdued lobby, to then experience an impressive sense of space in the atrium. Here a newly designed lighting system allows visitors to find their way around easily. In total approximately 100 light sails - glass plates with red/green/blue light-emitting diodes – have been hung from the ceiling areas and are creating 16.7 million possible different colour and brightness situations in the course of the day and to suit the seasons.

Photos: © Claus Graubner, Irina Chipova

Client: DEKA Immobilien Investment GmbH
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