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Bank St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg | 2011
New administrative headquarter of a financial group Bank. Planning association Evgeny Gerasimov & partners, St. Petersburg und Sergei Tchoban, nps tchoban voss

Located on the banks of the River Neva near the confluence with the River Okhta, the future administrative headquarters of financial group Bank Saint Petersburg develops within St. Petersburg‘s new Okhta complex. While a group of typical new blocks on the Neva banks are tying in with the existing buildings in the north and south, the new front opens in the main axis of the complex and gives view to a 22-storey high-rise on two basement levels. The tower contrasts by its height and its special silhouette. On the riverside its glass façade bends inwardly along the entire height. The resulting waistline adds subtle dynamics to the building making it appear elegant. The granite paved floor of the plaza runs into the lobby and ensures a particular continuity between outside and inside. The design of the two-story reception shows large-size glass panels featuring fragments of historical bank buildings of St. Petersburg as an illusionist collage alluding to the rich mercantile tradition of the Baltic metropolis.

Photos: © Aleksey Narodistky, Yuri Molodkovets (historical bank buildings)

Client: OOO Stroitelnaya Companiya Saint-Peterburg

WAF Award 2012 | Shortlist 
Commercial Real Estate St. P. Award 2012 | Best Office Building 
Glass in Architecture Award 2011 | 1. Preis, Neubau
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