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Student residence
Dresden | 2017
A touch of Paris in Neustadt: wearing the classy grey of the French capital the new student residence is located in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Dresden. The well-shaped new construction with its quiet, graceful appearance completes the urban surrounding of Holzhofgasse and Bautzener Straße. Adopting and continuing the building lines and proportions this five-storey block forms a representative ensemble together with the existing architecture.

Only a few accents on the surface give structure to the building without drawing too much attention. French windows with low railings are emphasized by staggered window surrounds. On the main façade towards the square the window surrounds have a particular emphasis compared to the other building sides which look to the streets and the courtyard. The rustication of the basement gives the construction more sturdiness while the grey attic roof shingles finish the building in a harmonious way.

The 199 little one-room-apartments are fully furnished and equipped with an open kitchen and an own bathroom thus corresponding to the needs of the students as all-in-one-solutions. White interior with grey-blue furniture corresponds to the character of the building and allows individual design ideas at the same time. On the street side the ground floor contains commercial spaces while little mezzanine apartments give nice views to the inner courtyard. Additionally green areas and terraces enhance the quality of stay. The apartments in the attic have open galleries and there is only few steps walking distance from here to the roof terrace where the students can enjoy the panoramic view over the city.

Client: Uninest Germany GmbH
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