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Competition Rödingsmarkt
Hamburg | 2006
"Rythmic Rooms" | Office and residential buildings | 2nd Place Competition
The urban management master plan marshals the heterogeneous construction, as it is today, on the Rödingsmarkt with a simple comb structure. Starting from a compact perimeter block development along the Rödingsmarkt, the ridges span towards the reanimated " glory" of the urban space in both narrow and broader streets or half-open aureoles. The point houses on the edge of the Alsterfleet form this rhythm as an open construction on the water. Just at the point where the Alsterfleet gently bends south towards the Elbe lies the first building site for the new offices and residential buildings along the Rödingsmarkt. The city plan reveals the chance here to fit into the rigid comb structure of the area. The residential buildings follow the course of the river bank in a natural way in this advantageous location. The new office building reflects this harmony through its funnel formed fanning and herewith enhances the perspective of the Rödingsmarkt down towards the canal location. The "Glory" benefits from this because the open comb structure is modified here to open up the view into the half open courtyard.

Client: J + O Alsterfleet GmbH
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