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World Trade Center Dresden
Dresden | 1996
"Putting an Emphasis on the Network"
The building creates its own location: A 16-storey high round tower denotes the location and the demand of the World Trade Center and is confidently set into the silhouette of more than 40 high-rise buildings in Dresden. The double-breasted restoration of the marginal block constructions, which existed before the war, spans the centrally located glass-roofed mall which is the access to all the different buildings of the World Trade Center (roof construction: Prof. Schlaich and Partner). The filigree roof emblematizes the spanned network of the World Trade Center Organization throughout all the different continents while the cylindrical shape of the glazed high-rise reoccurs in the mall, too. Its appearance is even more enhanced by the impressive interrelation with the apparently monolithic sections of the building. It almost looks like a dematerialized membrane without any visible bearings between the half-timbered constructions.

Foto: © Michael Wortmann

Client: Büll & Dr. Liedtke
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