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Sonnenstein Castle
Pirna | 2012
Landratsamt Pirna | In cooperation with Seidel + Architekten, Pirna
Winer in PPP-Procedure 2009 | Honored with the "Innovationspreis PPP 2011"
The "Sonnenstein Castle" in Pirna, will be in the context of a PPP project is to repair and base-term future as the administrative seat of district administration for the "county Saxon Switzerland - Osterzgebirge" used.
Historical importance, archaeological and monument-nursing value and the urban-dominated en situation on the spur above the town Pirnaer are characteristics of the ensemble of outstanding significance for the district. The draft is a link between the sophisticated, rich history historical architecture and modern design additions. The understanding of the new use as a district office and as a modern civil and administrative center is taken into account by a high demand for quality and functionality of the architecture combined with high efficiency. Three main priorities are based on the draft: The symbiosis of historical and modern architecture The existing building will be renovated landmark status. The extraordinary history-steeped the place with overlays from different eras and for different uses can be experienced with the clean and updated by the necessary amendments and the new use of modern techniques. The existing, is in itself coherent urban fabric of the city and Elbe wing wings not called into question, or amended. It made more corrective surgery, such as in the castle steps at the southern courtyard. A new development of areas and uses only if it is absolutely necessary and is functionally differentiable.
Visuals: © archlab Photos: © Sven Heering

Client: Landratsamt Sächs. Schweiz / Bilfinger Berger

Innovationspreis PPP 2011 | Verwaltung Bau
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