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C&A Headquarter
Düsseldorf | 2006
New office building with cafeteria, casino and car park, 1st Prize in a competition, general planning

The six-storey administration building describes with its ground figure a structure system of 4 basic parts, connected through binding elements, such as the veins of a leaf. The administrative building is made accessible by a centrally located main entrance area. This area simultaneously works as both horizontal and vertical opening and connecting passage for the two main buildings and the rear smaller flank buildings. In the central hall is provided the reception and an extended area of the cafeteria, which is located between 2 building parts in the courtyard. The office areas are placed on an axis grid of 1.35 m, which allows a flexible room layout. The room depth averages 5.40 m, the room clearance approx. 3.15 m. The contemporary designed façades contain a generous glazed portion allowing an optimal natural illumination of the office areas. There is an opening window provided in every second axis. The closed areas of the buildings perforated façade are built out of glass panels. These glass panels are provided with motive-based imprints slightly changing in their colour accordant to the 4 building elements. Even the technical devices on top the roofs are - because of their radar sensitivity - provided with printed glass elements.

Photos: © Claus Graubner

Client: Bauwert Portfolio Gamma GmbH
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