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Extension of Volkswohl Bund Versicherungen
Dortmund | 2019
With the extension of the Volkswohl Bund Versicherungen in Dortmund, the existing buildings of the Volkswohl Bund at the intersection of Suedwall and Elisabethstrasse were replaced by a new building with office, commercial and residential use. The project is the second construction phase following the completion of the Volkswohl Bund headquarters in 2011. The building takes up the attic and storey heights of the head office, joins the existing and new buildings to form an architectural unit and thus strengthens the corporate presence of the Volkswohl Bund at the Suedwall.

The new building was planned with five full storeys in the office and business section, six full storeys and one penthouse level in the residential section. The shell construction of the office building consists of a reinforced concrete skeleton with facade columns and a central column axis. The basement extends over the entire property, including the inner courtyard.

The office floors were divided into offices for one to two workstations each with associated ancillary areas. Structural connections to the existing Volkswohl Bund building were created in the corridors.

In the housing component, the load-bearing apartment partition walls and load-bearing exterior walls were partly in reinforced concrete, partly in brick work. The standard storeys of the residential building have two three-room apartments and a two-room apartment facing Elisabethstrasse. The large apartments have balconies facing the inner courtyard. On the ground floor there are two 1-room apartments with a terrace facing the inner courtyard, on the penthouse level there are two large apartments with a roof terrace. The staircase on the outer wall to the inner courtyard is naturally lit and ventilated. The building is planned to be barrier-free.

The extension closes the block building of the head office at the Suedwall up to the Elisabethstrasse. This is achieved by continuing the facade design of the existing building with the same structure and materiality.

The space concept of the main administration with different inner courtyards is taken up for the design of the rear open space in order to create a unit of all external surfaces. The green inner courtyard is accessed via a passage along the gable wall to the neighbouring building on Elisabethstrasse. In the inner courtyard there are 5 parking spaces (two of them are barrier-free), a children's play area and a Japanese flowering cherry as the central design element.

Client: Volkswohl Bund Lebensversicherung a.G
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