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Berlin | 2004
New building development, general planning, DGNB certificate quartier in Silver

It is an ensemble of four buildings on the site of the former Palace Hotel between the Berliner Dom, Museum Island and Alexanderplatz in a composition of a hotel with a conference center, two office buildings, a residential building and a variety of shops and dining options. Each building is a variation of the whole through the harmonious use of the natural stone façades. The atriums as well as the streets are covered by canopies made of an “intelligent” climate responsive transparent high-tech foil. One can experience the height of the atriums from the luxurious panoramic elevators, which complement the horizontal circulation. The location on the Spree waterfront becomes a theme of the ensemble. The water theme is carried throughout the interior and exterior of the complex in multiple different ways. It expands along the river Spree promenade with the wide café front creating a public space. It then continues through the interactive fountain art piece at the “Plaza of Times” in the middle of the four buildings and culminates at the Sea-Life-Center under the atrium in the large office building. One discovers a variety of unique worlds on the interior of the four buildings. They reveal themselves like treasures in a jewelry box and culminate at the AquaDom, the world's largest freestanding aquarium, which is located at the center of the hotel atrium.

Photos: © Anke Müllerklein, Christian Gahl, Claus Graubner, Philipp Meuser, npstv

Client: DIFA AG

Deutscher Natursteinpreis 2004 - BDA | Lobende Erwähnung
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