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Berlin-Friedrichshain | 2003
Master plan and land-use plan for office and residential buildings, the Spree down open block structure with high-rise as the end, connecting the basement for food outlets and shops along the Spree promenade, including historic warehouse buildings of the Eastern Harbour

The Osthafen (East River Port) on the northern bank of the Spree is an ideal and exclusive location close to the water, only 10 minutes away from the city centre. In between the harbour warehouses a new quarter with offices, stores, restaurants and apartments is to be formed. The loose block development opens on several levels towards the Spree promenade. In the connecting base floors restaurants and shops are integrated along the promenade, while inside up to 1.150 parking lots are hidden. Open "Spree-windows" structure the buildings and enable diverse views towards the Spree. On the eastern end of the complex a high-rise forms a pendant towards the existing Treptowers. The structure of the complex enable varied and flexible units from 6.000qm to 70.000qm, that according to demand can be built in different stages.

Sketches: © Sergei Tchoban

Client: BEHALA
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