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Dormagen train station
Dormagen | 2014
Shopping+service instead of previous anxiety Facilities
The station Dormagen is becoming the smart card for the city, which makes the arrival of a new experience. For the first time shopping, more Service for passengers and a guarded bike station - all this provides the "station approach 2011." "We have the opportunity to realize a long cherished dream here and upgrade the entire area around the Willy-Brandt-Platz urban planning," Mayor Peter-Olaf Hoffmann said at the presentation of the plans in a citizens' information. As well as the lack of toilet facilities created a central Bushaltepunkt, a food market, a bicycle station and a customer and Information Center The planning committee is being advised by the summer on the project. In the meantime, the management plans in consultation with the private investor will continue to drive. The necessary funding applications to the country as a precaution should also be made in advance - so there really is hope in 2011: Great station for Dormagen.

Fotos: © Martin Duckek, Peter Tümmers
Visuals: © Denis André

Client: SVGD
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