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VTB Ice Palace
Moskau | 2015
The Ice Palace is designed in such a way that the activities in all its arenas could take place simultaneously without interfering with each other. It consists of two rectangular volumes, visually combined into one as a result of the main facade's design, which was rendered as a kind of icy mantle polished to a gloss like the surface of a rink. Its transparency is only broken up by subtle abstract lines – strokes left on the ice by the sharpened skates of swift players. This decor extends throughout the entire surface of the facade (the design is applied to the glass by a multiplanar printing method), moreover, the theme of ice is also maintained by means of the color of the glass, with the gradient varying within the range of blue-gray. Elegant lines have also become a leitmotif of the design of numerous parallel stair railings, connecting the arena's entrance hall with the ground level. On the white metal surface these strokes are applied by perforations, giving the stairs extra dynamism that is so inherent with sports competitions on ice.

Client: Ten corporation
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