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Wohnen am Preußenpark, Mulberry Yards
Berlin | 2019
In Berlin's western city centre, a new residential complex - the "Mulberry Yards" - is being built opposite Preußenpark. Numerous cultural and leisure facilities - like the Kurfürstendamm - can be reached by the new residents in just a few minutes on foot.

In the predominantly heterogeneous urban environment with different building heights, the new building stands out as a varied solitaire with an E-shaped ground plan and open courtyards. In the south-east, the residential building is connected to the existing building of a multi-storey car park. On an area of 3,168 square metres, a total of 116 high-quality apartments with two to five rooms and an area of 53 to 135 square metres are being built here. Each apartment on the upper floors has a balcony, while the apartments on the upper floor have spacious roof terraces. The entire accesses of the building are barrier-free.

Dynamism and variety in the facades are created by the use of continuous balustrades. The ribbons are covered with grey-beige brick facing and bordered by narrow cornice ribbons of light plaster. In between are white plaster surfaces and windows. Visual connections and a harmonious appearance are achieved by cladding the base storey and the band with brick facing around the set back upper storey.

The landscape concept envisages a lot of green as well as several trees in courtyards. The roofs are predominantly greened extensively. Playgrounds are to be created in each of the courtyards. The new residential ensemble will be equipped with a total of 67 parking spaces in the underground car park.

Client: Preußenpark Living GmbH c/o Hoshen Holdings Real Estate
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