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Steinstraße 20
Anklam | 2018
"Three-gabled house presenting an unforgettable silhouette" | 1st prize in the idee study 01/2016
This new residential building (two commercial units on the ground floor) with its impressive gable motif presents a striking architecture that is to integrate seamlessly into the modernisation of Anklam’s town centre. Its alignment to the traditional plot segmentation of the roadside facades gives rise to structures that direct the eyes in the vertical plane. This typology is utilised in the draft for apartment number 20 in the new residential building. A three-part structure with characteristic gables takes pride of place in the 24 m gap between the neighbouring developments.
The rhythmic, yet asymmetrical division of the front is accentuated by the slight advance of the centre facade gable and the differing ridge heights. A total of fifteen apartments in a range of sizes offering 2 or 3 rooms present appealing choices to the future residents of the town centre. Developed for full accessibility, with generously dimensioned outdoor seats as terrace or balcony overlooking the sunny and garden side, with floor-to-ceiling windows for that feel of modern living, ergonomically designed bathrooms, and perfectly sized bedrooms. The ground floor offers two different sizes of retail or service areas (approx 59 m² and approx 112 m²). With its own entrance and large shop windows, these commercial units are tailored to the mix of uses typical of this town centre location. The handcrafted masonry of the facade presents a stacked pattern of thin or elongated impressions with recessed pointing. Three colours mark out the distinguishing features of the gables.

Client: GWA GmbH + BIG GmbH
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