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Husum Shopping Center
Husum | 2019
1. Prize in the façade competition 07/2016!

The Husum Shopping Center is located in Husum between Großstrasse linking the central town marketplace next to the church Marienkirche, and Schlossstraße leading along the front of the Palace. Retail and catering areas can be rented on the ground floor and on the first floor facing Großstrasse.
The Husum Shopping Center also provides parking spaces for cars on two to three levels. The facade facing Großstrasse extends the height ratios and scale of the surrounding buildings. The three separate, but integral bodies on the site continue the parcel structure on Großstraße. The generously glazed entrance to the Center opens over two floors to the public space on Großstraße, providing a smooth transition to the structure presented by the new and. established lines of shops in Husum. On the Schlosstraße side, the building presents a sectionalised stone plinth zone beneath a 3D woven structure.
The plinth extends the divisions and materials presented by the neighbouring clinker brick buildings. Above this, the facade shielding the multistorey car park will provide for light, sound, and air permeability. Within the town structure, the new body forms a calming, transparent setting for the gatehouse forecourt, enhancing the significance of both the gatehouse and the individual separate structures in front.

Pictures: ©nps tchoban voss, Google Earth

Client: Husum Shopping Center GmbH
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