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State Courthouse
Magdeburg | 2020
"Restoration of a beautiful old building | winner in the VOF method 02/2015"
The district court is located in a courthouse in the Halberstadt Road 8 in Magdeburg district Sudenburg. Having a style of historicism building was constructed from 1900 to 1906 after plans of conducting Baubeamten Hermann Angelroth and Paul Thoemer in the Prussian Ministry of Public Works in Berlin. It originally consisted of two four-storey wings flanking a particularly representative designed center part with corner projections. The central part was surrounded by two 50 meter high towers. The facade consisted of stone. The building was severely damaged by artillery fire from located in Ottersleben US troops in April 1945. The central part and the north wing were completely destroyed. During the existence of the GDR, the area has been cleared only roughly. It was not until in 2001 a building on the site of the destroyed parts of the building. Was initially thought about a complete reconstruction could about various dictated by financial constraints gradations of this idea (eg purpose building behind faithfully reconstructed facade), ultimately only determined by the materials of glass and concrete form can be realized, which is reminiscent of the historical appearance of the building , This component is particularly urgently needed boardrooms room. He is seamlessly connected to the old part of the building, earned the most lovingly restored main staircase attention. (Source:

Client: Bau- und Liegenschaftsmanagement Sachsen-Anhalt
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