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Yewish Tradition School
Berlin | 2018
New nonstate educational center housing pre- and primary school including 6th grade

The new school and kindergarten including a sport- and multipurpose hall also for religious activities of the Chabad Lubawitsch Center will be erected on the back part of the Family Center estate in Berlin Charlottenburg. The new school building, embedded in a green and landscaped schoolyard, represents yet another solitary object in this heterogeneous open-plan townscape with upper middle-class houses of different epochs. Local formal contexts or adoption in style and manner are not obviously and shows itself in subtle adaptation like the blue-and-white color windows of the neighboring Chabad Lubawitsch main building. Also, the organic ground shape of the new center reveals its subtle bonds to the old part only when knowing the existing interior of the former transformer station: Both the synagogue and the school building have vertical light slots within their horizontal wall patterns. And both designs show smooth edges, horizontal ribbon structures and a modern composition in all new and added parts whereas the old building elements have been kept in a simple traditional manner with perpendicular forms and classic proportions.
The education center will be serving approximately 270 children from kindergarten to sixth grade between the age of two and 13 years.

Renderings: © npstv

Client: Chabad Lubawitsch Berlin
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